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We Want to Connect Oldham County with Reliable, Fast, and Affordable Internet. But we need your help. Select your section of the County to share feedback about your current internet needs.

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Get Faster Internet First

Take the survey to tell Oldham County leadership where demand for better service is greatest. We will build first to areas that express the greatest amount of interest (and that meet feasibility requirements), so, tell your neighbors!

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Getting Fiber is a Team Effort

The best way to get service faster is to spread the word among your friends and neighbors. Share the survey via your social network to start the conversation and let your friends know how fiber can help their family and businesses.

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Benefits of Fiber-optics

Fiber-optics is the best technology for delivering fast, reliable, and secure high-speed internet service to homes and businesses. Fiber Internet is more than 100x faster than what most people have today and is required to take advantage of many new technologies.

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