Faster Fiber Internet For Oldham County Homes

Your Fiscal Court is working together with future-focused citizens to bring high speed internet to our community. If you could use faster internet, Oldham County needs your help to make it happen. Here is how it works.

Your survey response supports a community led effort to bring high speed fiber internet to Oldham County residents by quantifying the need for high speed fiber internet and identifying the most financially viable opportunities to begin the build. In neighborhoods that show great response, we will conduct an in-depth technical assessment, and if viable, build out fiber service there first.

Your response is the next essential step in connecting your neighborhood to faster internet. So, encourage your neighbors to take the survey. The more responses your section of the County gathers, the greater the chance of getting hooked up to fast and reliable fiber internet and preparing Oldham County for everything that happens next.
Follow these four simple steps:

Step 1. Express Your Interest: Take the Fiscal Court Broadband Interest Survey to provide valuable feedback about your internet needs. Then, tell your neighbors to do the same! Once your neighborhood expresses enough interest, we will begin feasibility analysis to determine the financials of making this project a reality.

Want to do more? Register for our team of championsand begin sharing the survey link and promotional materials with all your friends and neighbors. We can make this happen faster by working together!

Step 2. Sign up: Once your area meets the technical requirements assessed in our feasibility analysis, we will contact you and let you know that we have begun accepting registrations. Talk to your neighbors about registering, and it won’t be long before we can start delivering service.

Step 3. Construction: When enough sign ups have been captured in your area, the build-out will begin. Wave to our construction team; they’ll be happy to see you too!

Step 4. Connected: And just like that, you and your neighbors can be surfing at lightning speed!

So, let’s do this - Take the survey!